Friday, April 6, 2012

First in the Series, Titled: "Immortal Relations" is available at Amazon & Kindle

For those who like Vampire Adventure & Romance, please check out my first book in the series. One of those who purchased the book (not a friend or relative) said it was "his holy grail of vampire stories." I'd love to be able to thank him if I knew how! Anyway, this blog will be about the series, starting with the first book of course. I must warn those who have children and teens, mine are not the sparkly type vampires, but are guardians, doing their best to defeat "evil" vampires trying to feed on humans as well as keeping the weak and innocent from harmful criminal acts, even defending small animals. Now you may well ask, how do my guardian vampires get the blood they need...I've had people say, "Why hasn't anyone else thought of that?" refering to the way they do get what blood they do require; if you read page 14 of the book, you'll find out, and I think you'll agree that it makes perfect sense.

As for how the book came to be, the first part of the book is not fiction, but fact; my father had been stationed in Europe immediately after WW-II, by his U.S. agency to try and help the new Czech Government toward democracy; however, as you probably know, the Soviets had ousted the Nazis from Czechoslovakia and wanted a puppet government installed. Since Soviet troops were in the country, you know what happened; the American Mission was expelled and a Communist Puppet Government was set up.

While in the country, my father had met and developed a close working relationship with a beautiful, young Czech interpreter. The working relationship turned into something more, much more; however, when the Americans were expelled, my father returned to my mother and I (I was just a child at the time). The lovely interpreter promised to always be waiting for him, should he decide to return and wrote that on the back of a picture she took of him standing in front of a the old clock of Prague's Old Town Hall. Finding the picture with the lovely female handwriting on the back is what started me writing the fictional part of the story. My character, Gary Logan (not a very big switch from Guy Ogan, I know) travels to Prague and things start to get "interesting" when he meets a lovely lady and her daughter. If you read the book, I don't think you will enjoy it and then I suggest you give it to any adult male who thinks "vampire stories are just for women." There are enough exotic supercars, weapons, and warfare, not to mention "explicit togetherness," that they will be hooked!

A collegue is going to help me develop this Blog further, but it may take awhile for pictures, etc. to become part of the blog. I'd love to hear what anyone thinks of the book (or the blog) and will try to answer your questions if you will post them here. I'm in the middle of writing the second book of the series. It will have the same title, but will a sub-title, perhaps, "Love & War" of which there are plenty, just in the first half of the second book that I've drafted so far. BEST WISHES AND HAPPY READING!