Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snippet for Sneek-A-Peek Sunday From "Immortal Relations Coming Out" (Recently Released - 3rd in the Series)

We boarded several limousines which whisked us over to where the marriage ceremony would be held and there we saw many of our old friends who had been there the day Magdalena and I had wed at the same location. Our daughter Eviana had on the same dress Magdalena had worn the day she and I were married. It had a few minor alterations since Eviana was not quite as tall but had an ample bust and wanted the neckline plunging to show off one of her best features. Aside from these modifications, and the dazzling white color, it had the same haut-couture cut as the light blue, lacy, scalloped, and layered, shape-hugging dress Magdalena wore the first time we met.

     When my friends had thrown us our surprise wedding I’d been so overwhelmed I hadn’t really noticed all the white flowers that I now saw and which smelled so very sweet…I think they were Gardenias arranged hanging in twists around and down the polls placed alongside as well as in the back and in front of the wedding venue. As I walked Eviana down the aisle, I could hear her thoughts of overwhelming love for Victor and the beauty of it was so intense that it was all I could do to keep from crying. I could also hear Victor’s concern that he might faint due to the picture of loveliness walking toward him and prepared to be his bride. I sent him my thoughts; Steady on young man, the ceremony will be over before you know it and you’ll have a long time to enjoy your life with this wonderful lady. If you can’t read her thoughts right now, I can and I’ll confirm her deep love for you. I am so very proud to welcome you into the family as my son-in-law! What is it the Brits say, something about keeping a stiff upper-lip? Well, just keep SOMETHING stiff for a little bit longer. Then I smiled at him and he smiled back, or maybe he was smiling as his future bride drew nigh. Whatever it was, he seemed to take courage in the stars he saw in her eyes. At this realization I could feel tears on my own cheeks.  

     Once again, Vladimir had a gift of a dazzling five carat Red Ruby mounted in a Gold ring. This looked to be a twin to the one he had provided when I wed Magdalena. I was sure this was also from the Hermitage collection for Victor, the groom, to place on the finger of Eviana, his bride.

     There was a reception held afterwards; however I only got a parting glance of Victor and Eviana as food evidently wasn’t on their minds. Vladimir had arranged for them to stay in the bedroom at the Menshikov Palace which was completed in 1721 and was the most luxurious building during the time of Peter the Great.

     Soon, Vladimir had corralled us and we were transported to the same palace where we entered a private suite of rooms that had been prepared for us. There we found Vlad, Grandmother and Roger and after hugs and kisses we sat down to discuss the wedding and what we had accomplished at the new coven we’d set up in Canada.

I’m sure the readers have surmised the wedding of Victor, a (human) Police Inspector in Canada’s Ontario Provence to Gary's (full vampire) daughter Eviana (named for her Aunt Evy) took place at the world famous Hermitage Museum at the behest of Vladimir Kolukov, President of the Russian Federation and close personal friend to Gary and other good vampires. There’s a lot of information on the development of the various human-vampire relationships throughout all three novels. Immortal Relations, 1st book, Immortal Relations, Love and War, 2nd book, Immortal Relations Coming Out the 3rd in the series (recently released).

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Update on Accessing the Three Novels in the "Immortal Relations" Series.

"Immortal Relations" is the first book in my Adult Paranormal Romance Series. I felt compelled to write it upon finding that what my mother had said those many, many years before about my late father having had a "Tryst" while he was overseas was true. Unable to sleep that evening I went to my computer and typed out what entered my consciousness, or was I channeling from another source as it seemed since I've never typed at that speed before. Without sleep, 18 hours later I had a rather rough draft. When I went through and picked out typos (at the speed I was going there were bound to be some) I could change those, but when I tried to down-play some of the "explicit togetherness" (sex) it didn't seem right to do so. It felt as if a force was telling me that vampires (if real) would not subscribe to the sexual hang-ups of humans so I should refrain from showing them as being tied to human mores. If you will go to the above Amazon & Kindle site you can read  the first pages FREE to see for yourself, as what happened to me is incorporated into the start of the story. My vampires in the large Residency Coven are guardians of their human neighbors against evil vampires, human criminals and politicians who would subjugate the public they should be serving. There are many life lessons and other positive actions, such as being kind to animals in the story. Okay, so now that begs the question, how do they get the blood they require (those who do require it)? They have a number of corporations, one of which owns multiple funeral homes and by funerary laws, blood from deceased humans must be mechanically removed and replaced with a liquid preservative. While other authors have had their "good" vampires using blood bags or willing human donors, or in the case of the "Twilight Series" by attacking animals, I have been told I am the first to have vampires using processed blood from deceased humans. The story is mainly about combat between the good vampires and an evil band of vampires seeking vengeance against the Residency Coven. Action starts in the United States but quickly moves to the Czech Republic, England and the Russian Federation. I know there are some men who feel "Romance" novels are not for them; however, if they read this first book I know it will change their minds!

The second book, "Immortal Relations, Love and War" has as much action in it as any Tom Clancy novel, while the level of explicitness is much less. As there is a conversation early in the book which goes over the most important action in the first book, this would be a good entry into the series for those who aren't interested in reading novels with much "heat" level. I still consider this an Adult book as there is warfare and political assassination that takes place. The action involves stopping a war between China and the Russian Federation before it turns into a nuclear exchange threatening the whole world as well as resolving two "REAL WORLD" ecological threats: the failure of the cap over the Chernobyl reactor that melted down 25 years ago and the unstable reactor building at Fukushima, Japan which some scientists warn my be an Extinction Level Event should it be allowed to collapse (to date nothing has been done to solve either crisis). This book has action involving various European countries, with heavy action in Russian Siberia, China and Japan.

The third book, "Immortal Relations Coming Out" continues the actions of the second novel. Had the current regime in Washington been aware of the planned Chinese invasion of Siberia and if so, were they knowing accomplices in that act? If so, how would they respond if they could identify the person or persons who helped defeat their Marxist allies? Would they be willing to attack those who kept the Chinese Communists from winning, even at the possible expense of the destruction of the entire planet? Find out in this story of conspiracy and intrigue! Action takes place in the Czech Republic, Canada, the United States and in outer-space. 

For those who have read and enjoyed reading any of the series, if they will leave a comment on Amazon or Kindle about the book I will gladly send them the next in the series via Kindle if they will contact me with the Subject Heading: I Enjoyed Reading "Immortal Relation" and have left a comment on Amazon/Kindle." Happy Reading!