Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"IMMORTAL RELATIONS - LOVE & WAR" is almost finished.

Just a teaser about the second in the series, "IMMORTAL RELATIONS - LOVE & WAR." It is announced that our old friend, Field Marshal Kolukov is "retiring." Everyone knows that Russian Generals, let alone Field Marshals don't retire (unless they have some terminal illness). What will the guardian vampires do, will they try to talk him into "being changed?" Communist China has too many people and not enough room or resources, while just to the North sits millions of sqare miles of lightly inhabited wilderness in Siberia, which also has the largest known petroleum reserves in the world, as well as large amounts of untapped gold and other rich mineral deposits. Will the greed of China's Communist Dictators drive them to invade Russia?! It is common knowledge that the cap over the reactor that had the melt down at Chernoybl has deteriorated to the point of collapse. If it does, it will release large clouds of deadly radiation that could well travel around the world, releasing it's poison into the earth and seas, what can be done? If that weren't danger enough, what about the even more deadly situation in Fukushima, Japan. There, the reactor building that was all but destroyed by the Tsunami, is leaning over and it is said there are many thousands of highly radioactive fuel rods on the third floor, when the building goes, it has been predicted that this possibly could result in an "Extenction Level Event", what can be done to avert this catastrophy? The amazing man Adam has become, through the union of Gary and Eviana, may have siblings on the way. Will this have any effect on the love Magdalena has for Gary or is there going to be some reproductive "magic" available so Maggie can have a child as well? Tune in to your favorite Vampire book seller, or visit the KINDLE site, to find out the answers to these and many other surprise questions, by reading "IMMORTAL RELATIONS, LOVE & WAR," when it is published later this summer or early fall (to be available on AMAZON & AMAZON-KINDLE).