Tuesday, February 21, 2017

FREE 21 Feb through Saturday 25 Feb 2017 the first book in my ADULT Paranormal-Romance series "Immortal Relations" is FREE on Kindle. Just go to Amazon and type Immortal Relations in the search heading on top and it should take you to the listing of the three books. ALL THREE BOOKS HAVE THE SAME MAIN TITLE - make sure you are looking at the first book which has JUST "IMMORTAL RELATIONS" IN THE TITLE. The second book is "Immortal Relations, Love and War" and the third is "Immortal Relations Coming Out." All three books are "stand alone" and can be read in any order. Each is normally $.99 (99 cents) because I want people to enjoy reading my stories. REMEMBER THESE ARE ADULT STORIES - NOT FOR TEENS OR THE PRUDISH!


5 Stars The best vampire novel I ever read. By Pat G. June 16, 2016 Format: Paperback This novel rates number one in vampire writings, and close to the top in science fiction. Ogan is an excellent writer. There is an occasional misspelled word, but it does not detract from the quality of the book. Ogan shows a deep knowledge of warfare and weapons perhaps from his service as a major in the USAF. The killing of others is handled very well and realistically. It is heavy on sexual content, but again done well. I shared the book with a friend who came back to me and said, "I think this writer has overdosed on Viagra." I laughed. I also liked the writing in first person since it showed each person's involvement and participation in the main theme of bringing the story to the front. It is not necessary to read the books in order unless you are one of those people who prefer it that way. The books stand alone. I read the second, the first, and the third. Loved all three and look forward to number four. It depicts vampires as friends of humans rather than monsters. It also shows a great love for animals.

Please note that this reviewer read book number two, "Immortal Relations, Love and War" before reading the first book "Immortal Relations" finally reading book three, "Immortal Relations Coming Out." It is the third book that has the science fiction component in it.