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List of Characters in "Immortal Relations" and "Immortal Relations, Love & War"

Name (Origin) Page/Sex/Age Description/Characteristics Logan, Gary (US) 1 M 60s Changed to vampire, with still beating heart, by Evy and Maggie (who he considers his owners). Fathered first full vampire child, Adam w/ Evy, is also mated to Maggie. Retired Military; planned Residency & human defenses. Dvora'k, Magdalena (CZ) 4 F 30s Beautiful paramour of Gary's father after WW-II. She chose Gary as her mate & she and adopted daughter Evy changed Gary to vampire. Gives birth to twin boys and one daughter in book two. Devora'k, Evy (CZ) 11 F 18 Pretty-vixen, Magdalena's adopted daughter, chose to join as Gary's mate and gave birth to first full-vampire child, Adam. Gives birth to twin daughters in book two. Dabrowska, Cecylia Anna (PO) 18 F 400 "Grandmother" lving protector-administrator of the Residency. Mind reader, with total knowledge of all resident vampires, uses her gifts only to help safeguard humans and "her children." Greatest leader in history! Leon, (CZ) 29 M 20 Guards the Portico. Strongest vampire known & the best fighter. Has stuttering problem, except when fighting (adrenalin may allow him to speak clearly). Linda, (CZ) 29 F 20 Gurads the Portico, mated to Leon and almost as good a fighter. She serves as liaison between Leon and others because of his speech problem. Gregory, (GR) (Greg)49 M 30 Was in another coven and used to be an "out-of-control" vamp, but became vegetarian and then Janet broght him to the Residency as her mate. Spied on the vampire gang for the Residency. Janet, (CZ) 49 F 30 Served as a monitor before finding Greg and bringing him back to be her mate. Served as liaison to Greg's spy mission. Edmond (FR) 51 M 30 Freezing in Napoleon's retreat, became Rsidency's own Camptain of Artillery. Joachim (GR) 51 M 30 Was dying in the mud of WW-I, Sergeant of Snipers at Residency. Joe (US) 51 M 20 Was dying of shrapnel wounds, parachuted out of his B-17 by his buddies before it crashed in WW-II. "Tail Gunner Joe" is .50 BMG Guard at Portaco. Mira (CZ) 51 F 20 Security Guard shot by robber, Residency's Chilef of Secuity, helped organize secuity in preparation for fight with vampire gang. Kirov (CZ) 53 M 90 Very sick, elderly man, fed on by Greg during his spy mission to maintain Red irises. Kirov thanked him for changing him, when he later met Greg. Sarah (PO) 55 F 18 Smallest & youngest of Leon's portico Guardians, she lost an arm fighting theee of the vampire gang - Leon destroyed the three and reattached her arm. Roger (GB) 57 M 50 Physician-researching Delta 32 genetics for Y. Pestis/AIDS/Bio Warfare Treatment and Prevention. Set up meeting with local CZ military to stop the terrorists (vampire gang). Gary changed him to prevent his death from Leukemia. Logan, Adam (CZ) 69 M 20 First full vampire child born. Mother - Evy, Father - Gary. Fully developed before age of one, Reserve Commissioned as CZ Army Major for helping stop terrorists. Novak, Stephan (CZ) 82 M 57 CZ Army Colonel (later promoted to BG & MG), helped stop terrorists in CZ/GB/RU, Sophie's father/Glenda(vampire-human hybrid) grandfather. Novak-Logan, Sophie (CZ) 82 F 24 Brilliant-medical resident, Stephan's daughter and mother of Glenda. Develops "mind-meld" to share imtimacy with her husband. Lamert (NL) 90 M 15 Attacked by out-of-control vampire, taken by Adam to be trained at the Residency as a Portico Guard. Lisa (GR) 90 F 20 Lovely fighting lady, same fighting skill level as Linda, also mated to Leon. Yevette (FR) 90 F 30 almost as good a fighter as Linda, also mated to Leon. Logan, Gnenda (CZ) 95 F 1 first hybrid human-vampire born at the Residency to Sophie & Adam. Hybrid development is about five times faster than human (nine weeks to birth, less tha three years to grown - a full vampire is three times faster still, three weeks to birth and less than a year to full grown). Dracula, Vlad (RM) 97 M 580 Prince of Wallachia. The only "royalty" acknowldged by the Residency vampires, he has international intelligence operations to hear of anything that might threaten the secuity of good vampires/humans/& relationships. Tuscan Coven 99 F/F Evil vampires who feed indiscriminately on human men, women and children; they seek to control all vampires, Kidnaping those who can amplify their power and control, while destroying anyone who they deep a potentioa threat. Anita (PO) 113 F 40 Director of Nurses at a large Polish hospital in 1938 when she was tuned. Assists Roger, the research physician and chose to be mated to him. Belinda (CZ) 113 F 30 Nurse turned in the late 1800s, assists Roger, chose to be mated to him. Karla (CZ) 113 F 19 Nursing student, turned in 1949, assists roger and chose to be mated to him. Linnet (FR) 113 F 40 Nurse educator, turned in 1997, assists & is mated to Roger. Zanega (RM) 113 F 30 Nurse, turned in 1881 assists Roger & is mated to him. Myer, Hilda Ph.D. 125 F 40 Human Sex Therapist/Educator, involved in teaching the "mind-meld" techniques, developed by Sophie & Adam, to university students. Parker, Nicholas Sir (GB) 141 M 50 Chief of British General Staff, directed action to prevent terrorists from stealing Britihs nuclear weapons and gave the Russians a "heads up" to listen to the warnings about terrorists from Stephan and Adam. Semenov (USSR) 144 M 20 Ex-Ssoviet Spatsnas Lieutenant, leader of vampires seeking to destroy the Residency and blackmail human governments with stolen wapons of mass destruction. Zikoff, Michal (RU) 145 M 50 Medically retired Reserve Spetsnas Major. Was Lt. Semenov's commander in Afghanistan (tried to get Semenov placed in psycho ward). Kolukov, Vladimir Zelenko (RU) 145 M 70 CIC of Russian Armed Forces (later Field Marshal) Destroyed the "terrorists" seeking to steal Chemical & Bilogical WMDs. Only human to ever receive edict of protection from Vlad Dracula. Became President of Russian Federation and a vampire in book two. UBL (Saudi Arabia) 148 M 50 Muslim Terrorist masterminded 9-11-01 suicide aircraft flights into the twin-towers and pentagon. Forth suicide flight thwarted by heroic passengers on that plan. Later, killed by Seal Team Six. Bush, George W. (US) 148 M 50 Ex-President who set in motion the search for UBL and his Muslim terrorists. Cheryl (FR) 155 F 40 Wildly beautiful, ex-actress; married Maj. Gen. Stephan Novak, once he was changed, after a hgihl charged and passionate relationship. Refused to leave Residency to fllow Stephan on his military assignments. Nikolayev, Vasili Zitsev (book two) M 60 Replaces Field Marshal Kulukov as CIC Russian Armed Forces when Kulkov becomes President of the Russian Federation. Evy's Chidren (book two): Logan, Anna Magdalena Logan, Cecelia Eviana Magdalena's Children (book two): Logan, Douglas Vladimir (Kolukov) Logan, Roger Vladimir (Dracula) Logan, Eviana Sophie Buschop, vampire who saved Cheryl from death - driven from Residency by Cheryl Klaus, Vaclav President of Czech Republic Kamal, Gravick Muslim Terrorist Sleeper Agent, Petroleum Engineer in Russia Vadrienko, Sergei, Colonel-General in charge of Chernobyl Region Kolukov's ladies: Ekateriena (RU) - singer in Court of Peter the Great, now consort of Pres. Kolukov Nina (RU) - Bolshoi Ballet Dancer, now consort of Pres. Kolukov Alena (CZ) - Czech Model, now consort of Pres. Kolukov

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