Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Hope Readers Will Give Me Their Thoughts

Thanksgiving is just days away and Christmas is just around the corner! I hope readers will have a little time to check out my first book, "IMMORTAL RELATIONS" and the second book in the series, "IMMORTAL RELATIONS, LOVE AND WAR." The first is a unique perspective in the vampire genre and is an adult book with lots of action in and out of the bedroom. The second in the series became available on AMAZON and KINDLE in early NOVEMBER 2012 and takes the action of the first book, puts it on steroids, turbocharges it, then gives it a shot of NOS (in other words it is PURE ACTION)!
 I really do hope readers will respond to my request that they tell me what they think would happen if the fact that vampires REALLY DO EXIST became common knowledge to the human world. There MIGHT be a different response, if all humans knew what readers will know of the "good works" done by our story's guardian vampires (the operative word here is "MIGHT")! We all know how dangerous humans can be when they feel threatened. Mob violence could be the result unless cooler heads prevail. The third book in the series will explore vampires "coming out" to the human world and I'll try to include reader's thoughts about the reactions humans might have in the third book. Regardless of how fearful or sanguine the human population is with this revelation, there will be a potential extinction level event, the threat of which can only be responded to, in time, by our guardian vampires...this may change the minds of some who might otherwise act against our vampire friends.

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