Saturday, January 30, 2016

Not All Whom You Think Are Enemies Are...and Not All Who You Think Are Friend Really Are!

Vampires and Werewolves, both are always immortal enemies and always deadly to humans...these are the foundations upon which the paranormal genre' has historically been built, however, I write from a view that is "outside-the-box" and the premise upon which the series "Immortal Relations" is based is that vampires and werewolves can be on the same side and protective of innocent humans.

In my first book, "Immortal Relations" Gary Logan finds an old photograph of his late father standing in front of a unique clock-face mounted on the side of a very old European building. On the back is a note written in a feminine hand that proves something Gary's mother said many, many years earlier about Gary's father having had a tryst while serving in Europe at the end of World War Two. Gary is both bothered and intrigued so he travels to that city and things start to happen quickly thereafter.

Gary falls head over heals in love with a younger lady who knows far more about his late father than seems possible...if she were human...Gary believes her to be something else. But as they say, love is blind and maybe in this case a little numbing to the brain as well. In short order Gary is inducted into the vampire coven to which she and her daughter belong, but these are not the Bram Stoker type of evil vampires, rather they protect innocent humans from evil vampire and human criminals.

The first book contain fighting against the out of control vampires as well as said criminals, but there is also a great deal of love and development of relationships along with medical and psychological theory. See more about it at and if you decide to read either the print or digital version, please leave a comment on Amazon or Kindle as comments are very helpful.

The second book, "Immortal Relations, Love and War" takes off quickly as an old friend, suffering from a terminal disease is made an offer the good vampires hope he won't refuse. Saved from the deadly disease that person suddenly is thrust into the leadership of his entire country which is under attack from terrorists and an invasion from Communist China. Our good vampires must stop what could easily become a nuclear holocaust and it seems that not all those who should support an end to the conflict have their heads and hearts in the right place. Those who should be servants of the people appear to have foresworn their oaths in a bid to find a way to gain ultimate control over the people. Even in perilous times love will find a way. See more at and if you read either print or digital version, please leave a comment on Amazon or Kindle.

In the third book, "Immortal Relations Coming Out" our good vampires believe peace and safety have been secured and look forward to their loving relationships continuing throughout time. But as in human life perceptions can be challenged by reality. An evil regime which had an "arrangement" with the Chinese to forgive part of their excessive debt had the now defunct invasion of Siberia been successful seeks revenge on those they believe helped thwart that invasion.

Not realizing what they are dealing with, the evil regime lashes out, even breaking international law, but in their typically ineffective way and it takes them awhile to realize that they are trying to destroy are immortals. Efforts then turn to "outing" the good vampires and it takes the efforts of a friendly werewolf to prevent the initial outing but the failure of the initial outing is what leads the evil regime to understand that those who they wish to destroy are immortals so they out them, calling them evil vampires in order to gain their deportation from Canada. things heat up between nations but a threat from outer space is seen and must be dealt with. See more at . Again, if you read either the print or digital version, please leave a comment!


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