Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I've Made Each of My Unique Adult Pararnormal-Romance Stories $,99 Each on Kindle

Tired of the same old Bram Stoker type of evil vampire stories? Here is your chance to try something totally unique: Vampires guarding innocent humans from the blood-sucking type, human criminals & evil politicians! All three of my Immortal Relations Series of Adult Paranormal-Romance Books are now $.99 on Kindle (there is an "APP" that works on any computer, tablet, reader and many phones).  I need readers who enjoy the stories to leave comments on Amazon. Just a Warning: There is some erotic content in the first book (so mature adults only on that book). The second book has a "review" of major points of the first book in a conversation so it is a good starting point for those who don't want erotic content in their reading. Book three is also mild when it comes to "explicit togetherness" but it isn't for those who voted for the Marxists in Washington D.C. (there is too much truth in it)!

http://amazon.com/dp/B006ZCBT6G is book #1 "Immortal Relations"

http://amazon.com/dp/B00A4IEHL6 is book #2 "Immortal Relations, Love and War"

http://amazon.com/dp/B00G5BQS18 is book #3 "Immortal Relations Coming Out"


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