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The Autumn Book Tour Blog – Guy Ogan

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Welcome to the autumn book tour blog. Autumn in England signals the end of summer and a slow movement towards winter as the temperature drops and the nights get longer and darker. With less sunshine and a lost summer it’s also the time many authors get their heads down and historically write more than during any other season. But autumn in England is ‘Fall’ in America and ‘Spring’ in South Africa so you’re invited to discover how different authors approach this time of the year. Come and meet some of my friends who are writers who have either recently published works or are working on books that are likely to be available at the end of this wonderful season. Indeed, they’ve all been asked the same questions as they introduce themselves and their work. So, let’s hear what they have to say. First up is Guy Ogan.

Q. Whereabouts do you live, Guy? 

A. West Texas 

Q. Are you a full time writer or do you have a regular day job?

A. I’d love to be a full time writer – my characters have so much to say, but alias I have household responsibilities, especially now that I am fully retired (military and State of Texas). 

Q. Do you tend to write more this time of the year or do you have a different writing schedule?

A. I frustrate my dear wife by sneaking off to my computer to write whenever I can and if I’m not writing I’m reading my Kindle. Reading and writing are such a joy!

Q. When you’re not writing how do you spend your leisure time? Do you have any particular hobbies or interests?

A. I’m still involved in the automotive world: I used to write for a car magazine part time just for fun, submitting several articles and pictures each week. Here are a couple of my Mustangs: a 66 & a 05 Roush-Mustang. I attend a weekly meeting of “car guys & gals” when I’m not deep into my writing.


Q. What does Autumn mean to you?

A. Relief from the oppressive triple-digit Texas heat! Another upside to the cooler months is we almost never get more than a dusting of snow once a year; we do get ice from time to time and with folks not skilled in driving on it, things can get interesting!  CONSIDER PUTTING AN AUTUMN IMAGE HERE OR AN IMAGE OF INTEREST THAT MIGHT ATTRACT THE READERS EYE.

Q. What part of the world would you most like to live in if you couldn’t live where you are now?

A. While in the USAF I got to serve in and visit many countries, each had its beauty and often a down side as well; I think it is Bret Michaels (sp?) who sings: “Every Rose has its Thorn.” The folks I met in Taiwan (Free China) were great and highly intelligent, Holland had a distinct charm and of course Austria was totally beautiful! I’ve always loved England, if for no other reason their “finest hour” as “Sir Winston” put it (who along with R.J. Mitchell are heroes)! 

Q. If you won a million pounds / dollars on the lottery, what would you do with it?

A. My daughter recently suffered her SECOND DIVORCE (I have my own ideas why men cheat but hurting such a wonderful, loving and beautiful young lady - I can't understand). She never wants to be dependent on a man again - you go girl! She is currently a concealed handgun instructor in Houston (where every lady needs a firearm and be trained on how to use it in an emergency!) and taking college courses to be certified as a Physical Therapist - I'd help her set up whatever business she wanted. My son is married with four children (three are from his wife's previous marriage). He is currently a mechanic working on cars, but a great cook (and a great father), so I'd get him a "Bar-B-Q" & more catering business. My wife and I would visit a lot of American cities & Prague (where my first book starts), London (as in book one - I was there many years ago). I'd also visit Russia (also part of the story in my books) and while not in my books, I'd visit Taiwan (the good China). I loved the people there!

Q. With regards to your writing who would you say has inspired you most in your career to date?

A. A comment on Amazon from a reader who said "Immortal Relations" was his "holy grail of vampire novels" and he went on to explain why at length...I couldn't have asked for a more glowing was wonderful to find someone who understood and enjoyed the story. I hope he has found the second and will find the third as enjoyable - they have far less "HEAT" than book one. 

Q. What genre do you write in?

A. When I wrote "Immortal Relations" I just figured it was an "ACTION" Story. However a "Beta" reader said it was ADULT PARANORMAL-ROMANCE. After all I am just a man so maybe I can be forgiven for my ignorance about "Romance Novels." I thought "mushy stuff and tear jerker" was what "romance", was I ever wrong! I quickly started reading that genre and found out, "NOW THIS HAD IT ALL - EVERY TYPE OF STORY IMMAGINABLE!" Of course I found a favorite author while doing that, Lisa Renee Jones. An 80's song had lyrics: "HOT - HOT - HOT."  

Q. Have you published anything yet or do you have a ‘work in progress’?

A.  Here are my current book covers (number three is of the vampire Gary's face like on book one in outer space with an asteroid behind him hurtling toward Earth - I don't have a copy will transfer):

The above were photos from my old camera off of print copies, the first is cropped & not very clear.

Q. Tell us about your work. Do you have a particular character that figures consistently in your work or are you in the stage of developing a lead character?

A. You can read about the true life family event (including THE picture) that started me writing my novels on the first two pages of http;// "Immortal Relations." The character Gary is taken from my own character, Magdalena (Maggie) is the primary heroine along with Eviana (Evy). Grandmother is the leader of the Residency Coven of Guardian Vampires who try to safeguard humans and animals from evil vampires, human criminals and rogue governments. Adam is he first full vampire born and quickly develops, becoming a General in he Czech Army. A Russian General, Vladimir is an important character in all three books, becoming President of Russia in book two. There are many others throughout the stories but these, along with Vlad Dracula are the major ones. A note about Vlad, he discusses his "bad days" in book three but is now a champion of humans. The first book has a lot of "Explicit Togetherness" (sex) which was not meant to be salacious but to impart that even our good vampires don't have human hang-ups about sex. The second book still has some but it is muted and book three has less still (because book one establishes the lack of hang-ups they have). As the reader who so graciously commented upon my first book said it is, "A tale filled with life lessons, love, sex action and adventure. Complete with new insights into the powers of the immortal vamps, and fresh takes on the complex inner working of their existence." I'd like to think my second & third books continue with those attributes.

Q. What do you think is the most difficult obstacle to overcome in today’s writing world?  

A. I'm sure every Indie Author will say that is it "Getting Noticed and Getting Read!" That is where Blogs and other "social media" comes in. Of course the greatest help is word of mouth by readers.

Q. Where can we find out more about your work? 

A. My first book, "Immortal Relations" is at and my second book is "Immortal Relations, Love and War" (these go to Kindle editions and from there you can go to the print version if you wish). My third in the series is at the publisher and should be available in late October with Kindle release in November (the Kindle address won't be up until it is on Kindle but this will be the print address: BUT THIS ADDRESS FOR THE THIRD BOOK WON'T BE "LIVE" UNTIL THE END OF OCTOBER. 
Thank you for reading my part of the Blog Tour. I'd now like to invite you to meet my friends in this wonderful world of writing? Just click on the names below and you’ll find yourself reading a different set of answers to the same questions. Please support my friends and fellow authors by visiting their sites and checking out their contribution. Thank you for joining me on my blog tour.


2. G. D. OGAN 









11. Victor Wright (email address awaited)


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  1. Immortal Relations is NOT just another vampire story! An unusual blend of vampire fantasy, world politics, and a political statement in defense of human civil freedoms, this book is a quick read that takes you through the story as a voyeur of one man's extraordinary imagination. You will not predict the outcome of this story, nor do you want to, as you sit back and let the story unfold insights into human nature, vampire nature, and the unusual relationship between the two. Looking forward to reading book three as the crescendo of poetic license plays itself out on a global scale. Thanks to Guy Ogdan for an enjoyable read!