Monday, November 25, 2013

My third novel in the "Immortal Relations" series, "Immortal Relations Coming Out" is an adult paranormal-romance in which our guardian vampires, sworn to protect humans and animals not only from evil vampires and human criminals but the most dangerous creatures of all, evil politicians seeking absolute control over their people to convert them from citizens to slaves to a supreme government...a government "of, by and for those in control. Now, faced with a Marxist regime in control in Washington that is fostering a runaway debt in an effort to bankrupt the country a group of these guardian vampires moves into position in lower Canada from which they can monitor the unconstitutional actions of the rouge regime and prepare to aid American patriots to reclaim their God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by ousting the minions of the corrupt government!

Having saved mankind several times over in "Immortal Relations, Love and War" the good vampires discuss the idea of coming out to the humans in order to form a strong symbiotic relationship with them; however, historically all has not gone well when humans become aware that vampires, even good ones, are in their midst. The regime in Washington is trying to find who was responsible for helping thwart the Chinese Communist invasion of Siberia (from which Washington had hopes of getting additional loans in order to buy more votes to further their aim of abrogating the Constitution & Bill of Rights so as to codify a dictatorship headed by their Marxist regime. Gaining incomplete information, the thugs in Washington go off "half-cocked" and try to murder a man they determine was a key player in the defeat of the invasion by their Communist friends. Historically for this rogue regime what they attempt often backfires and so it is in this case as well. Watch as the regimes efforts fail and only solidify the resolve of the Canadians with whom the vampires have become friends to not cooperate with the evil that Washington seeks to impose. While the scenarios may appear fictitious, they are based upon Washington's actions in somewhat similar cases.

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