Friday, October 25, 2013

I left a post on a Blog for visiting Authors, that was discussing Owls, that I thought someone might enjoy reading on my own Blog:

Oh, I love Owls! When I was a teenager (in the 50s) I saw what looked like a ball of fur laying in the middle of the two lane road (fortunately one that wasn’t all that heavily traveled at the time – today I’m sure it is an eight lane freeway). Anyway, I stopped my old car and upon looking realized it was a baby Owl that had fallen out of it’s next. I had a small wicker box that I gentle placed it into and took it to the local vet who pronounced it alive and just in need of some TLC. I took it home and put it in my parent’s little washer and dryer room that was between the Kitchen and Garage and which had a bathroom off as well as a door that lead into the back yard. I got a big wire cage for the little thing and fed it raw liver (as recommended by the Vet) that I cut into small pieces and feed to it on tweezers – poking it into it’s beak. It would make the funniest little “waa-waa” noise and I put down paper so it could fly and “duky” in the room during the night and part of the day, putting it in it’s cage and covering it so it would sleep some during the day. After about a year, the Owl had gotten pretty good size and I put it outside along with a small dish in which I’d put cut up raw liver. I think it ate a little of the liver and then flew off. Not the end of the story however! I had just become a Senior at Los Altos High School in Northern California and after graduation enrolled in the nearby (new) Foothill Junior College in the nearby Los Altos Hills. Orientation Day, they led the new students over to see the humongous enclosure that had chain link fencing to keep the mascot safe (it liked it up at the college and they would sometimes take it to Football Games). The VERY LARGE Owl was sitting on it’s suspended perch (a log) and looked to be asleep, however its eyes had slits opened but it made no move to show it cared the group was looking at it. Something looked familiar to me and I moved to the front of the group. Seeing me the Owl opened it’s eyes wide, tucked it’s wings back alongside it’s body and walked back and forth along it’s perch making it’s familiar (to me) WAA-WAA sound! It was my little Owl, all grown up! Our guide said he had never seen the bird behave like that before…I just smiled because I knew why. LOL - See more at:

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