Thursday, May 21, 2015

Posts Placed on "Ask David"

I've put up a couple of posts on "Ask David" a publicity forum using Twitter to help new authors get the word out about our books. While the cost is minimal I'm not too sure it has helped over the last year or so I've used the alloted posts (I still have a few posts remaining through their service).

Anyway, in my latest post with them I describle the action in my most recent book of the series, "Immortal Relations Coming Out" as our good vampires monitor the current Marxist regime in Washington D.C.

While the truth of the "fictional" account may not be well received by some, as the saying goes: "The truth shall make you free!" And with the attack on every aspect of our Constitution and Bill of Rights being instigated by the so called "Chief Executive" and his "Tzars" if my third book gets even one person to wake up and smell the stench imminating from that treasonous group it will be worth it!


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  2. Thanks Shreya, if you are interested in my series let me know which of the three books you'd like a digital copy of and I'll send it FREE. If you like it I hope you'll leave a comment.