Saturday, October 31, 2015

EACH BOOK IS FREE FROM 28 OCT. THROUGH 2 NOV. (SEE P.S. at bottom for series summary)

In honor of Halloween and "The Vampire Week Blog" I'm a guest on, I've placed each of my current ADULT Paranormal-Romance novels in the "Immortal Relations" series FREE on Amazon-Kindle.

If interested, you SHOULD be able to access each book on the following:

Book 1. Immortal Relations - Adult with erotic content, a stand alone novel, (Amazon sometimes "messes" with these codes so check w/them).

Book 2. Immortal Relations, Love and War - Adult but not erotic, a stand alone novel with a recap of main early parts of Book 1. (see comment on Amazon above).

Book 3. Immortal Relations Coming Out - Adult with political commentary & Sci-Fi aspects in part. While it can stand alone, reading Book 2. first will help in quick understanding of all events. (see comment on Amazon under Book 1.)

Book 4. Immortal Relations - Vengeance - This will be* another adult novel w/political commentary and Sci-Fi aspect.

*While I have the future novels in my head, print on demand and even digital publication is costly and I won't deplete family finances without more readership and comments on Amazon.

P.S. These are stories about vampires who safeguard living humans. Most were "turned" during attacks from the evil, blood-sucking, type of vampire; however, my vampires have refused to abase themselves to that level. They have formed their own guardian covens, obtaining the blood they need from funeral homes they own (following strict funerary procedures). The stories show development of a symbiotic relationship between these good vampires and the human world. In "Coming Out" the human world does become aware of the reality of vampires in their world, both good and evil types. As listed above these stories are ADULT with the first having some of what has been labeled "Erotic" content, not to be salacious but to show how open and caring relationships can (and possibly should) be. There are conflicts with the blood-crazed type of vampires, human criminals and (worst of all) evil politicians determined to enslave the citizens they should be serving! War and death follow on the heels of the self-serving actions of such evil politicians throughout history and it is the same in my stories. These are not the simple Bram Stoker type of vampire stories. If you are up for a change in your reading, willing to cross genres and come face to face with an "evolved" Count Dracula, sit down, strap-in, and hang-on for a unique set of Paranormal-Action stories!

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