Wednesday, November 11, 2015


For those who served and their husbands, wives, sweethearts and families who either served along side in overseas and stateside locations or who waited while their service member went places they were not able to accompany them - I salute you all! And I salute all veterans of our allies as well!

It is the veteran and those who love them who shoulder the burden of defending our Constitutional form of government against all enemies both foreign and domestic!

My Immortal Relations Paranormal Romance trilogy looks at modern existence from the viewpoint of those who are outside the norm of human life but who care about freedom and protecting innocent people from evil that exists in far too many quarters.

Yes, these are stories about vampires, but they are not the traditional "Bram Stoker" type of blood-thirsty, hide in the shadows, vampires - rather they are sworn to defend innocent humans not only from the blood-thirsty type, but human criminals and (worst of all) evil politicians intent on enslaving mankind under the totalitarian control of Marxist Governments (aka: socialists/progressives/liberals).

You can check each of these books out or order them in either print format or digital format at:

Immortal Relations (book 1)

Immortal Relations, Love and War (book 2)

Immortal Relations Coming Out (book 3)

WARNING: The first of these books has been called "Erotic" (but certainly not on the level of the "50 Shades" series) and while I suggest it be read, for those who want less of what I call "Explicit Togetherness" (sex) I suggest starting with the second book which has some but far less explicitness. The second book starts with a conversational summary of the high points of the first book but quickly jumps into the invasion by Communist China of Siberia and then into the ecological disasters that threaten the earth. In this book you will see how corruption in high places is not only found in foreign countries. The third book carries the examination of the corruption of our own government further as evil forces attempt to destroy our guardian vampires as revenge for interfering with the invasion of Siberia by their Communist buddies! Each of these books can be read as "stand alone" novels especially the first two; however, I do suggest that the second book be read before the third to gain the "back story" found in the second before reading the third. I would appreciate if you would leave a comment on Amazon after reading one or all of these stories. I know reading "Paranormal-Romance" novels may be something many men may balk at; however, if you like Tom Clancy's novels or Fox News, I strongly believe you will enjoy these novels and for my friends in the UK, you will find I am a GREAT FAN of your efforts in WW-II, especially your bravery early on when you fought alone!

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