Sunday, November 29, 2015

#UniqueSeries, #AdultParanormal, The Immortal Relations Series is Non-Stop Action!

I've posted on Facebook, through "Ask David", the following about the three novels in my Adult Paranormal-Romance Series: #UniqueSeries, #AdultParanormal, #GuardianVampires, #HybridVampires, #ThreeBooks, #ImmortalRelations  What it all means is that this is a very unusual, if adult, series where these who were attacked by the blood-thirsty type of vampires were "changed" rather than drained. Rather than abase themselves becoming like their attackers, they joined together to protect innocent humans from the blood-thirsty vampires, human criminals and evil politicians!

The first book in the series, "Immortal Relations" is the story of how Gary Logan finds proof that his late father had a tryst while stationed overseas. Traveling to Prague Gary meets a young lady who has far more knowledge about his late father than seems possible. Gary believes she may be a vampire; however, falling in love with her he is willing to be changed. Upon becoming a vampire himself he is able to safeguard the guardian vampires from a ruthless gang of blood-suckers determined to destroy  the guardians and then have free-reign attacking the humans the guardians have protected. The fight is not confined to traditional weapons but involves efforts to acquire both nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. The Czech Army must repel what they are warned is an attack by terrorists and then the British Army and Royal Marines are convinced to do the same. Lastly, armed forces of the Russian Federation must move to protect their stores of biological warfare agents from falling into the hands of the fiends! There is still time and opportunity in the book for a good deal of explicit togetherness (sex) so it is certainly an adult story. $.99 on Kindle.

The second book in the series, "Immortal Relations, Love and War" continues the story with a short summary of the major points of the first book. While still an adult story it has less explicitness in the sex yet even more action than the first book. The power hungry leaders of Communist China, seeing the opportunity to steal the mineral riches of Siberia along with land for its burgeoning population employ Muslim terrorists to decapitate the government of the Russian Federation. Having saved their friend from a terminal illness by changing him our vampires proceed to help thwart the invasion and keep the conflict from spiraling into a nuclear war. Other actual and potential ecological threats must also be dealt with. Love still blossoms throughout. $.99 on Kindle.  

The third n the series, "Immortal Relations Coming Out" deals with governmental lack of scruples shown by Washington in dealings with not only other governments but in deceiving their own people in an effort to gain total mastery over those they were sworn to protect and defend. Double dealing and stabbing people in the back have become the rule among those for whom power and control are all they seek. Our good vampires establish a coven in Southern Canada in order to watch the Marxist regime seeking to destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights! That same regime, not realizing who or what they are dealing with seek revenge against those believed to have stopped Communist China's take over of Siberia, which would have netted the regime in Washington forgiveness of some of the massive national debt they'd run-up to import voters. $.99 on Kindle.

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